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Dual Agency Best Practices: Doing It Right

The journey of selling a home is often filled with a mixture of excitement, anticipation, and challenges. Such was the case with the unforgettable home-selling experience with dual agency best practices at 645 Valley Ct, Twp of Washington. Join us as we share the triumphant tale of Lauren, Jim, and a delightful property that found its perfect match – not once, but twice!

The Backstory

A few years ago, the ambitious couple, Lauren and Jim, purchased their residence at 645 Valley Ct with the assistance of our seasoned agent, Seth Diamond. After nurturing and cherishing their home, the couple decided it was time to move forward, entrusting us once again with their real estate aspirations.

The Listing and First Offer

Lauren and Jim were crystal clear – they wished to secure the maximum amount possible from their cherished property. Understanding the value of their equity, we took the initiative to sponsor an appraisal to optimize the listing price. With confidence brewing from the appraisal’s insights, we listed the home at a competitive $699,900.

The couple vested us with their complete trust, anticipating a flurry of offers and a potential bidding war. Their expectations were exceeded. In less than six days, we secured an all-cash offer significantly above the asking price, accompanied by multiple backup offers, making their eyes sparkle with excitement.

A Twist in the Tale

However, every story has its twist. The initial buyers proved to be rather obstinate and unyielding, leading to an unexpected termination of the deal. While this development could dishearten many, we had another card up our sleeve. Within 24 hours, we engaged with a backup offer from a sweet couple, Jason and his wife, who had previously expressed their love for 645 Valley Ct.

Jason’s Offer

Though not a cash buyer, Jason brought something valuable to the table. Not only did he cap his appraisal he presented an attractive offer of $41,100 over asking price! Though not contingent, he also expressed interest in selling his townhouse, which we swiftly went to market promising to get him the similar results that Lauren and Jim received.

Closing the Deal, Twice!

With the Valley Ct deal set in motion, we focused our efforts on presenting Jason’s townhouse in the best light possible. Through virtual staging and adept marketing strategies, the townhouse garnered significant attention, culminating in a successful ALL CASH deal, with inspections waived, $50,000 over asking!

Triumph for All

The grand finale was nothing short of spectacular. Jason successfully closed on both his townhouse and dream home within the same week. The sellers Lauren & Jim rejoiced at being able to sell the home for over market value, and the Sunden Group of Your Home Sold Guaranteed was happy to have brought another 2 deals to a close with happy clients. The journey, while dotted with unexpected turns, was navigated with expertise and dedication. The kind of results you get when working with the Sunden Group at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty

If you, or someone you know, find yourselves walking in the footsteps of Lauren and Jim with a property to sell, or are chasing a dream home like our friend Jason, then you need to dial 201-499-1599 pronto. Why? Because opportunity waits for no one, and your real estate dreams are ripe for the taking.

In the thrilling, ever-shifting landscape of real estate, having a trusted expert who not only gets it, but gets it done is crucial. That’s where we step in, turning the complex into the conquered, the pipe dreams into paperwork, and the ‘for sale’ sign into ‘sold’. It’s way more than a transaction; it’s a transformation – of your estate, your assets, your very life.

The market waits for no one and timing?… It’s everything. So whether you’re on the launchpad ready to list or on the prowl for your palace, give us a buzz. Let’s not just close deals but open doors to new beginnings, shall we? Call 201-499-1599 and let’s start writing your success story today. 🚀🏠🌟

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