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ABF app closer to your Heart: MyABF

A new and exciting development for the Andrea Bocelli Foundation (ABF) is the launch of its very own mobile application, MyABF! With the help of this app, the gaps between ABF and the hearts of people worldwide have now been bridged. With MyABF, supporters, and enthusiasts can now engage more closely with the inspiring work of ABF and actively contribute to their noble causes.

 ABF Closer Heart

The ABF App

Stay Updated and Inspired: Users of the app can stay updated on ABF events and initiatives, as well as view inspiring and heartwarming stories of the beneficiaries whose lives have been changed and touched.

Live Chat and Donor Care: One of the special features of the app is the live chat with a dedicated Chat that can answer questions and inquiries in a matter of just a few clicks of the phone. The app also includes a Donor Care section where donors can track their donation history and customize their profiles by selecting projects and news they care about.

Volunteer Opportunities: MyABF serves as a gateway for users to explore volunteering opportunities with the ABF, including the chance to organize their own events. Users can discover how they can actively participate in projects, events, and campaigns organized by the foundation, making a tangible impact on the lives of individuals in need.

With the launch of MyABF, the Andrea Bocelli Foundation brings its mission of creating positive social change closer to the hearts of people worldwide. This mobile app serves as a powerful tool for supporters, providing them with a seamless platform to contribute, stay informed, and actively participate in the ABF’s initiatives. Download MyABF today and join the writing of many stories of beauty, growth, and opportunity in Italy and around the world, all from the convenience of your phone. By joining forces, the pursuit of a better world becomes more attainable.

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