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‘ Voices of Haiti ‘ Music Project Harmony Beyond Border

Music possesses the extraordinary ability to transcend borders, serving as the universal language that speaks to the very soul of a community. In this context, the “Voices of Haiti” project, an inspirational venture led by the Foundation St. Luc, stands as a testament to the profound influence of art in shaping lives and amplifying voices. Furthermore, this transformative initiative not only embarks on a remarkable journey but also harnesses the musical prowess of the brightest talents among Haiti’s students.

Unveiling the Essence of “Voices of Haiti”:

In recognizing the profound impact of art, particularly music, in conveying beauty and self-expression, the Andrea Bocelli Foundation proudly presents the “Voices of Haiti” project. Embarking on a musical odyssey over three impactful years, this initiative is skillfully directed by Maestro Malcolm Merriweather. Furthermore, the project, with supervision from four dedicated schoolteachers, showcases a choir consisting of 60 exceptionally talented students. This harmoniously blends education with artistic expression.

Voices of Haiti

Photo courtesy from ABF’s website.

Weekly Sessions for Voices in Haiti – Crafting Melodies, Nurturing Dreams:

The Saturdays of these talented students will be filled with music, joy, and learning:

The weekly sessions of these talented students are meticulously crafted. This ensures that these sessions are filled with music, joy, and a valuable learning experiences:

  • 9:00 am: Vocal Warmups and Vocalization Setting the tone for the day, refining vocal skills for a harmonious and impactful performance.
  • Music Therapy Connecting the soul with music, exploring the therapeutic aspects of this profound art form.
  • Rehearsals Fine-tuning skills and synchronizing voices to create a captivating musical ensemble.
  • Lunch & Playtime/Break Fostering camaraderie and relaxation, essential for an enriching musical journey.
  • Rehearsals (Continued) Afternoon sessions dedicated to perfecting their craft.
  • 1:30 pm: End of Session Wrapping up a day filled with passion, learning, and the brilliance of musical expression.
Students in Haiti

Photo courtesy from ABF’s website.

Performances – Sharing the Melodies of Haiti with the World:

Dressed in the vibrant colors of Haiti – white and red – the choir transcends local celebrations with its performances. They made sure to take these performances to international stages. The talented students meticulously craft the weekly sessions to be filled with music, joy, and a valuable learning experience. Whether it’s the joyous Easter festivities or the grand culmination of the school year, these young voices resonate, skillfully weaving together a beautiful tapestry that blends Haitian folk music with enchanting international melodies.

ABF’s Commitment:

The Andrea Bocelli Foundation stands as an unwavering pillar of support, ensuring the success of “Voices of Haiti” through

  • Salaries for Music Teachers and Student Supervisors
  • Contribution to the Artistic Director
  • Organizational Costs
  • Expenses for Educational Tools and Materials
  • National/International Travel Expenses

Join Us in Making a Difference:

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